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XIST4C Web Application Framework

Custom ERP solutions within days

Ready-to-use applications in hours

With our Web Application Framework we, and you (!), can build end-user ready applications, within hours. Within hours you can build simple applications, to complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in a few days.

Search sort and export

With the application you build on top of a database, you can easily search, sort, edit and export data from your database. The export function allows you easy creation of PDF files or CSV files (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets).

Web based - Available via any Browser

The Web Application Framework works standalone or can be integrated in the Front or Back-end of the XIST4C Content Management System. You donít have to think about the looks, those are already defined. You simply build the application together from basic elements and it is ready to be used, via the internet or for example your intranet.

Easy to customize

With only little SQL knowledge you can easily build simple and complex applications on top of your database. You can build ready-to-use applications within hours. You just need to think about the logic, because the layout is already set. See how easy it works

Enterprise Application Integration

You can connect every database and application you want and make it available via your Intranet, Extranet or the Internet. With a single login you can give employees or for example suppliers (limited) access to your data. Look at some examples from the media, financial and industrial sector.

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Customization - You can't find a desired functionality? You have special wishes?

Time To Market

You need affordable and fast time to market solutions?

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