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How it works - Web Application Framework

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This is a simplified overview, please contact us for more details.

On the main page of the Web Application Framework you see the first or main function. From any page you have access to other functions. Each function is available via its own tab and or button (e.g. add or edit).

There are four different page types:

  • overview page
  • advanced search page
  • editing data
  • adding data

Overview and search page

The overview and extended search page are build up with columns, which represent the tables from your database. You can add as many or little columns as you like on every page. On every page you can show as little or many search fields as you like. If you have searched your desired data, you can export it in PDF or CSV format.

Web Application Explained

The "add-" and "editing data" page

Editing or adding data works via a form. You can edit the structure and order of items on the page to your wishes. You can make fields obligated and use lists and categories if you want to narrow the options.

In very short time, with simple steps, you have a new function available to search, sort, edit and export the data from your database, customized to your wishes. It doesn’t get easier than this.

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