XIST4C - Content Management System


Special pages

News Pages

The news page allows you, to keep your customers up to date with the latest developments in and around your company and products. You can use it together with the "what's new" function to always have links to the latest news on your homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Save your money and time on support calls. Create special pages for frequently asked questions.


Create surveys and ask your customers what they think. You can show the results of current and historical surveys on your website.


Give your customers and the search engine a good overview of your pages. You just have to add a Sitemap element in the CMS and the content is created automatically.


You can use default forms -or create your own- to make pages where your customers can request more info or order a catalog etc.

General Overview Pages

A general overview page can be used to show a summary of some of your pages with thumbnails. For a travel agency for example, you can show one page with an overview of all the pages about hotels, together with little pictures from each hotel.

Paid subscriber content

Create separate content for subscribers only. For example for I-mode pages. Have your visitors pay via for example Paypal, Click & Buy (Firstgate), or others.