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A Solid Foundation

Let XIST4C grow with your company

Scalable - XIST4C grows with your company

XIST4C is used by small and mid-sized companies. The CMS employs an efficient and easy to use tree-structure, which secures that easy handling remains the same with 10 or 10,000 pages. This enables you to develop your website and increase the number of pages as you wish. Thereby, it doesn't matter what the size of your web site is, because of efficient programming, your web site will keep its high-performance, even with thousands of sites.


XIST4C is built on industry standards and open source technologies. The business logic is separated from the layout. This provides a solid basis, built to last. The technologies used are:

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • JSP (Java Server Pages)
  • Struts
  • Java Middleware
  • Database Abstraction Layer
  • Optimized page delivery at runtime - basic JSP suffices

Caching - for high traffic

XIST4C has caching enabled by default. This means if you have a high traffic website, our caching system reduces bandwidth usage and it improves web site access times.

Multilingual - Based on Unicode

When building a new web site, you can choose from more than 15 languages. XIST4C is a Unicode enabled system which allows the use in any language.

Easy to customize

If you have special wishes, XIST4C is easy to customize. Customization is done by the development team of XIST4C, they know the source code by heart. Separation of logic and layout in the development process is the basis for easy customization. Thus we provide affordable solutions. Read why XIST4C is better than an open source product.

Quick implementations - Within days if necessary

Creation (or migration) of content can start simultaneously with designing the new layout of your website. This causes a significant reduction in production times and results in very quick implementations.

Integrate other applications Web Application Framework

XIST4C CMS can be customized to comply with all your needs. You can integrate any application or database with XIST4C (Enterprise Application Integration) in combination with our Web Application Framework. Our Web Application Framework is so versatile that it can also function stand alone. With already little knowledge of SQL you can easily build new functions yourself.

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Customization - You can't find a desired functionality? You have special wishes?

Search Engine Friendly

XIST4C CMS - The Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.

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