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XIST4C Shopping Cart Software

Make buying easy for your customers

You can sell as many products and use as much categories as you need. You can show detailed product info with small and large images. XIST4C has no limits in pages, images or products. The checking out procedure is easy and therefore causes very low shopping cart abandonment's.

Use the marketing and sales tools

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Use cross selling to show related items or show special sales items on special (temporary) promotion pages. You can create special landing pages for PPC campaigns. Or use news letters to keep your customer up to date and check your statistics to see how your shop is doing.

Payment and shipping options

You can choose to give your customer several options in payment, paying with a creditcard or Paypal is of course no problem. Give your customers the choice how they want their goods shipped. By default or Express shipment . You can also have it depend on weight or order amount. With XIST4C you have a choice.

Use all features of the content management system

The Shopping Cart module is build on top of the search engine friendly XIST4C CMS. You have all the benefits and features the CMS has to offer. Create as many pages with as much information about your products as you like.

Create individual functions with the Web Application Framework

With our web application framework it is possible to build ready-to-use customized database applications. You can even create additional functionalities yourself, with already little knowledge of SQL.

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Search Engine Friendly

XIST4C CMS - The Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.

Checkout Procedure

Low Shopping Cart abandonments because of simple checkout procedure.

Worldwide Access

XIST4C - Manage your website from anywhere in the world.