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The Search Engine Friendly CMS - XIST4C

Receive more customers via search engines

To receive many customers via search engines, a content management system should fulfill two important tasks. It should provide easy access to Search Engines and second, it should provide (up-to-date) content.

Content can be provided with any CMS, but XIST4C is one of the best in giving easy access to search engines.

Easy Access for Search Engines

XIST4C is built with Search Engine Friendly technologies. There are many techniques which can make it difficult, if not impossible, for a search engine to find and read your site. This can result in partial or even duplicate inclusion in the search engine database. Partial inclusion results in a decreased chance of being found for your products and services. Duplicate content could give your site a red flag in the search engine for possible spam technique, which of course is not good for your rankings.

XIST4C uses Search Engine Friendly technologies and has built-in SEO tools for higher rankings in the Search Engines.

Fresh Content

The intuitive ease of use of XIST4C allows employees from every department, regardless technical skills, to publish content. XIST4C allows also non-technical people to provide content for your website.

Besides your customers, also the search engines appreciate websites which provide regularly updated content. In this way you please your customers and the search engines with accurate and up-to-date information.

You can also show content temporary. You just need to enter a start and end date. For example a promotional offer you just want to present on your website for Christmas. XIST4C makes it easy to create new content and publish new web pages.

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Online Shop

Shopping Cart - You want to sell your products online? Check out our Shopping Cart Module.

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