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Open Source CMS versus XIST4C CMS

Read why XIST4C is better...

Time to market

With XIST4C you can have your website up and running within a few days. In the meanwhile the design can be made according to your corporate identity. Its handling is so intuitive you can start filling the CMS with content without having to study a whole manual.


Open Source products are flexible because of their open source. XIST4C is flexible because you can integrate any application yourself via our Web Application Framework. Integrations and customization of existing CMS functions is possible too. Contact us for the possibilities.

Customizations done by developers

Customization to an Open Source CMS isn't done by the developers of the code. In XIST4C customization is done by the development department of the XIST4C CMS. The developers of course know all details of the system and how to integrate customizations the best way.

Upgradable Customizations

Customizing an Open Source CMS often causes problems when you want to update the CMS. Your special extensions need to be customized again after new updates.

Customizations made in XIST4C are most of the times integrated in the core system, this means that extensions and customization are part of an update and will still function afterwards.

Better Support

Open Source products are often built by volunteers and therefore the given support is often voluntary. With XIST4C you get professional support from the developers of the software.

XIST4C is more Search Engine Friendly

Many Open Source CMS products claim to be search engine friendly but are not or limited. XIST4C is search engine friendly. Compare any Open Source CMS with XIST4C and find out yourself.

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Marketing & SEO Tools

XIST4C CMS - Use the integrated Marketing and SEO tools to increase the traffic to your website.

Search Engine Friendly

XIST4C CMS - The Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.