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Easy Shopping - Searching And Browsing

Easy Shopping

Your customers can easily look around in your store, which is as simple or detailed and big or small as you want. You can show everything about your products, and give your customer a closer look at the pictures. Your customer can also just searches for specific products right away using the full text search.

Inform your customer

You can provide background information to your customers about all products, brands and related issues. In a news section your customer can read about the latest news about your products. You can use as many pages and categories as you want to give your customer the best information and overview of your products. With every additional content, you create more possibilities for customers to find your website in the Search Engine.

Browsing categories

Let your customer browse through all kinds of categories. Use multiple categories like theme and / or brand related categories. Give the customer the opportunity to browse like he or she wants or feels like. After selecting the right categories your customer sees in one overview a list with products and pictures. The products can can be bought right away. Or if your customer wants more information, he or she can click on the desired product picture or description and a more detailed product page is shown.

Search and buy

If your customer knows what he wants he can use the full text search to quickly find the desired product. After filling in a word or part of a word, an overview of matching products is shown with images. The products can be bought right away or the customer can click on a result and see the full details of the specific product.

Closer look

When your customer finds a product he likes, he can take a closer look at the product-detail page and read the detailed description and look at one or more detailed product pictures. You can add as many pictures as you want.

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Checkout Procedure

Low Shopping Cart abandonments because of simple checkout procedure.

Self Service Authoring

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