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Create and manage your content worldwide

XIST4C is a browser based Content Management solution. It allows you to create, manage and publish content from all over the world. You only need a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari and an internet connection and you can create, manage and publish your website from any place.

Self service authoring

XIST4C is an intuitive and user friendly Content Management System. With the built-in WYSIWYG-editor (What You See Is What You Get) creating content is as easy as handling a word document. It is easy to learn for technical, as well as non-technical persons. Every department can create and control its own content. Now you can make sure your company's website contains accurate and fresh content to keep your customers informed and up to date.

Flexible navigation structure

Create and manage the content of your website as you want. You can create and change the navigational structure of your website to suit your needs, anytime. The XIST4C CMS gives you easy control over content and structure.

Create seasonal content

You can set a time period for each page. This way you can show your customers content for a certain time. For example a seasonal offer for Christmas or Easter. You just need to enter a start and end date. XIST4C gives you full control over your web site.

Easy duplication of objects

Sometimes you want to reuse a certain page, or its contents in another part of your web site, for example a part of your web site in another language. With XIST4C you can copy a content object with all connected elements like teasers and banners to another part of your web site, quickly and efficiently.

Preview before publish

After editing or creating new content you can see a preview of the web page in a new window. This way you can check your content before you publish.

Workflow Management

Each user has his own role and privileges within the system. This enables employees on lower levels to write web pages for example for intranet pages which have to be approved by an editor before they are published. You can choose from several roles, for example:

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Chief Editor
  • Administrator

Versioning / rollback

Every time a page is changed it is versioned. These versions are easily accessible and if necessary, an immediate rollback can be executed.

Solid Foundation

XIST4C CMS - A solid foundation with the ability to grow with your company.

Corporate Identity

Have your corporate identity integrated in your website. Make it look like you want.