XIST4C - Content Management System


Components of XIST4C CMS

In control of customers and authors

Basic elements

Every standard page is built up with basic elements like navigation, body text, teasers and footers. You are often free in positioning them; left, right, top or bottom. Read more about the basic elements of XIST4C.

Special pages

Next to standard pages you can also easily build special pages like for example FAQ pages, Surveys and Forms. Read more about the special pages you can build with the XIST4C CMS.

Administration features

In the administration you can control the users and authors with roles and permissions. You can also limit the access to and from individual pages. Read more about the Admin area.

Marketing and SEO tools

Use newsletters to keep in contact with your customers. Increase your PPC conversion rates with special landing pages and apply your keywords in the Title and descriptions of the web pages. Read more about the marketing and SEO-tools integrated in the XIST4C CMS.

Website layout

Control the look and feel of your web site. Your web site should match your corporate identity and with XIST4C this is possible. Adjust the navigation and site structure to your needs. Use forms, lists and archives to arrange your content in the best possible way. Read more about the layout possibilities with XIST4C.

Shopping Cart Module

As an optional module you can integrate a shop in your website or turn your complete website into a shop. The shopping cart module is just as search engine friendly as the Content Management System itself. Read more about the Shopping Cart module.

Online Shop

Shopping Cart - You want to sell your products online? Check out our Shopping Cart Module.

Corporate Identity

Have your corporate identity integrated in your website. Make it look like you want.