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The Benefits Of XIST4C

Manage your web site with ease

If you are in Berlin or Paris, using a Mac or PC, as long as you have an internet connection you can create, manage and publish your web site with the Content Management System XIST4C. Read how easy it is to create, manage and publish a web site.

A Secure and Reliable CMS

The technology behind XIST4C is built to last. It is based on industry standards and the separation of logic and design make it a very stable and reliable web content management system. XIST4C is built to grow with your company.

More customers via Search Engines

The Search Engines belong to the most used services on the internet. In order for your web page to show up in a search engine like Google, it has to be Search Engine Friendly. The XIST4C Content Management is Search Engine Friendly. It is build with the customers and the search engines in mind. This allows you to get high rankings in Google and other search engines.

Integrate external applications/ databases

Integrate external applications and / or databases with XIST4C (Enterprise Application Integration) using our Web Application Framework. It works together with XIST4C or even stand-alone, accessible via the internet, an intranet or extranet. With little knowledge of SQL you can even create new functionalities yourself.

Doubting about an Open Source CMS?

Open Source Content Management Systems are becoming more and more popular. There are some advantages for XIST4C in comparison to Open Source products. Read why XIST4C is better than an Open Source product.

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Solid Foundation

XIST4C CMS - A solid foundation with the ability to grow with your company.