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Text & Structure

Navigation up to 4 levels

You are free in where to put your navigation. It is by default supported up to 4 tiers. You can make it horizontal or vertical or you can use a tree structure. Use what fits best to your design and wishes.


You can use the submenu for content which is not directly related to your products. For example for a contact page, an "About us" page, driving directions or a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ).


The footer allows you to direct your customers with relevant links to other interesting or often used parts of your website. You can also use it to show your phone number and / or email-address.

“What is new” page

On this page you can show the newest pages or articles of your web site. Keep your customer informed on the latest changes. You can choose per new or changed page if it should be on the "what's new" page.

Example view of a page with its elements


On both sides of the page you can put teasers. You can use these teasers for cross selling; point your customers to sales products, news items, related (external) pages or use them to make announcements.


You can use link lists and document lists. You can use a link list for example if you want to create a document for external links with description. Or if you want to make a list with items which can be downloaded, like PDF files or Word documents.

Continuous pages

With continuous pages you can have a page continuing chronological, for example if one page gets too long, or if you want to show several large pictures. Then you can divide them over several pages.


In most elements you can also add images. For example an image next to your page title or in a paragraph. You can choose how the picture should be aligned.

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Marketing & SEO Tools

XIST4C CMS - Use the integrated Marketing and SEO tools to increase the traffic to your website.

Worldwide Access

XIST4C - Manage your website from anywhere in the world.

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