XIST4C - Content Management System


Administration features

Workflow management

Each user has his own role and privileges within the system. You can choose from several roles, for example:

  • Reader
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Chief Editor
  • Administrator

These roles limit or grant access to certain pages and they are the basis for the workflow management system.

Restrict editing of pages

For every page you can limit editing access. You can restrict or allow the access for users in a specific role.

Versioning / Rollback

Every time a page is changed it is versioned. These versions are easily accessible and if necessary, an immediate rollback can be executed.

No more dead links - Built-in link checker

XIST4C works with id's for the links. This means that changing the title, content or even the URL of a certain page, does not disable links to this page. Your links stay consistent.

Change the language

When you start a new website or domain, you can choose the preferred language for this domain. Separately you can choose the language of the administration area.

Multiple Domains

With the XIST4C CMS you can manage as many domains as you want. Because of the efficient tree structure in the Admin interface, you just see the domain you are working with.

Page availability

You can exclude pages (temporary) from your website. This can be handy if you are not able to deliver certain products for some time or if you have recurring promotions for special products.

Exclude from navigation

Every page is by default a part of your navigation. If you want a certain page available but not present in your navigation, you can choose to exclude this particular page from the navigation.

Self Service Authoring

XIST4C CMS - Create, manage and publish your website with ease.

Solid Foundation

XIST4C CMS - A solid foundation with the ability to grow with your company.