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XIST4C Content Management System

A solid and scalable basis

The CMS is efficiently programmed on industry standards, with a separation of logic and layout. Therefore it is a reliable and scalable CMS, with the ability to grow with your company.

Search engine friendly and easy to use

Give your website pole positions

The self service authoring and workflow management allow anybody to create content in XIST4C. Together with the built-in marketing- and SEO tools you have the ability to give your website pole positions. See all components of the Content Management System.

Integrate a shop or other applications

You can integrate a shop in your website with our Shopping Cart Module. If you want to integrate other applications and make them accessible via an intranet or extranet, take a look at our Web Application Framework.

License or hosted

You can run XIST4C with a license on your own webserver, or, like most of our customers, you can choose to have it hosted at Livinglogic AG, the company behind XIST4C.

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Time To Market

You need affordable and fast time to market solutions?

Search Engine Friendly

XIST4C CMS - The Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.