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The look and feel of your website

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The layout of the XIST4C CMS is based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If you can design CSS you can make the layout yourself. Most of our clients choose to have their layout built by us or a design company.

Corporate Indentity

Your website should match your corporate identity with colors, fonts and structure. With the XIST4C CMS you can have your corporate identity integrated easily. You can have it done by your own preferred (web)design company or you can use our design services.

Navigational elements and teasers

You are free in where to put your navigation. It is by default supported up to 4 tiers, more levels are possible too. You can make it horizontal, vertical, linear or use a tree structure. Use what fits your needs best. The teasers can be made to your wishes, put on the left or right of the page.

Quick implementations

The separation of logic and layout has the advantage that the design can be made at the same time as the creation of the content. The design can be made on the basis of static HTML files with a dummy content. This allows quick implementations.

Print layout

In the XIST4C CMS you can add a special layout for printer friendly pages, for example without navigation.

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