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Succes Stories

Already 100+ succesfull websites based on XIST4C!

References for XIST4C

More than 100 websites are based on XIST4C. From little websites with a few pages to large enterprise level websites and e-commerce sites having thousands of pages. More than 6 years is XIST4C the basis for simple websites, e-commerce sites and large customized enterprise websites available in several languages.

Take a look at some examples:

Websites based on the XIST4C CMS

The Gelo GmbH is one of the biggest German saw mills. Due to top Google rankings the company´s turnover increased dramatically.

Online Shops

An online Shop which already after a few weeks received significant traffic via the search engines. Designed by Concept Bayreuth.
A shop with lots of different products. Design by Concept Bayreuth.
A bookshop with hundreds of items. Design by Livinglogic AG.
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Online Shop

Shopping Cart - You want to sell your products online? Check out our Shopping Cart Module.

Search Engine Friendly

XIST4C CMS - The Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.