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Leithner - An Extranet portal

Project data available worldwide

Leithner makes, together with its partners, media productions which range from cd-roms and websites to printed media. Conceptualization of media productions takes place in the neighborhood of their customers. Their partners can for example be responsible for translation and printing. These partners are often located somewhere else (in the world). An extranet portal allows any partner and client to find the most recent data on any project from anywhere in the world.

Communicate with partners and clients via one portal

The goal of the intranet portal is to exchange messages with clients and partners involved in a project, with a reliable control on tasks and appointments, where the people involved have different rights and permissions. The project data should be up to date, stored and available in one place, with a connection to existing applications used by Leithner.

One integrated solution

An overview of the functions build with the Web Application Framework for the Leithner extranet portal:

  • Detailed project description
  • Reationship management
  • Project related company and people allocation
  • Task planning and scheduling
  • News Exchange
  • File and document up- and download
  • Online co-operation in production sequencing
  • Authorisation control
  • PDF/CSV/DOC-Export
  • Connection with existing applications
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Customization - You can't find a desired functionality? You have special wishes?

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