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Marketing and Sales

Product info and categories

The search engine friendly CMS XIST4C is the basis for the shop, therefore you can create as many pages, categories and products as you want.

Product management

The product details are managed from an integrated database application.

Order confirmation

When a customer buy products from your shop, you will receive an email with all order details.

Landing Pages

With the CMS you can make special landing pages which are only visible through links from your PPC campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords, Overture)

Cross selling

Point your customer at other products or promotions you have. On every page, overview or product page you can use one ore more teasers to show your customer what you have to offer.

Customer and Order Management (optional)

Keep track of all orders and clients from within XIST4C. All orders are registered in this application. You can register all client data and categorize your customers.

Billing (optional)

Use the billing module to create automated bills from orders.

Statistics (optional)

Check your sales, see which items, pages or categories are most viewed and which products are sold best.

Newsletter (optional)

With a newsletter you can keep in touch with your customers. Keep them up to date of your latest offers and sales promotions. You can link directly to product pages or to special promotion pages.

Google Analytics (optional)

Google Analytics can be implemented in all your pages easily via the CMS. (You will need a Google Analytics account for this).

Froogle (optional)

Froogle is the shopping search engine of Google. With the push of a button you can export all your products to Froogle.

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Marketing & SEO Tools

XIST4C CMS - Use the integrated Marketing and SEO tools to increase the traffic to your website.

Corporate Identity

Have your corporate identity integrated in your website. Make it look like you want.