XIST4C - Content Management System


Main Functionalities of XIST4C

Meta tags

For every single page you can define the meta tags. You can add a description, keywords and title for every single page. These tags are one of the many reasons that make the XIST4C CMS search engine friendly.


With breadcrumbs you can show your customer where he or she is on your website, a quick navigational overview.

Full text search

Unlike many other CMS systems, XIST4C contains a full-text search engine, which enables your customer to search for any (part of a) word or text in the whole CMS.

Print Button

The print button will show the current page in a printer friendly page

Recommend button

Allow your customer to recommend your pages. If you push on a recommend button, a form appears where you can fill in the receiver's email address and subject.

Login / Single-Sign-On (optional)

Use login protected area's for your suppliers or partners, or create separate content for subscribers only. The Single Sign On (SSO) also works for all applications integrated with the Web Application Framework.

Marketing & SEO Tools

XIST4C CMS - Use the integrated Marketing and SEO tools to increase the traffic to your website.

Worldwide Access

XIST4C - Manage your website from anywhere in the world.