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Financial Broker Portal

Extranet Portal for Financial Consultants

The company Jung, DMS & Cie. AG is a large financial service provider for for example investment funds and insurances. The company has more than 6,000 brokers and 18,000 consultants working for them. The amount of money managed via the new application, build with the Web Application Framework, deals with over billions of Euro’s for the investment funds only.

Central place for all applications

To manage and allow access to all services from a central place, an Extranet portal called “The World of Finance” was established, based on the Web Application Framework. Via “The World of Finance” one can manage customers, consultants and brokers. It is a tool for Portfolio management connected with funds databases for sales and marketing.

Effective tool

The World of Finance is an effective tool to manage customers and portfolio’s. It also is an instrument to optimize marketing and sales. It has a direct link with the funds database and it has tools for the consultants. The brokers and consultants now have one portal where they can find their customer data, like contact history, follow-ups, alarm notices and of course the actual consolidated assets. The World of Finance is a versatile system, based on the needs of the customer for research, informing and consulting.

The components of "World of Finance":

  • Customer Relationship Management (eCRM)
  • Info-Services
  • Productmanagement
  • Portfolio-Tools
  • Partnermanagement

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